The cosmopolitan resort of Thesprotia


Sivota develops around a picturesque small port, with paved promontory. The green hills and the houses with the red tiles create a spectacle that calms you down. This cosmopolitan part of Epirus is gifted by nature, as it is drowned in the green while the beaches with crystal clear waters capture even the most demanding visitor. They have a perfect tourist infrastructure and are an attraction for thousands of visitors every year. Sivota and Plataria have a marina and can accommodate small boats.

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the beaches



Bella Vraka

Bella Vraka has two main characteristics that make her stand out. Initially its shape, as this exotic beach, actually connects Sivota with the island of Mourtemeno with a narrow strip of land. Especially if you see the pictures from above it surprises you while if you are there to take a dip in the cool waters you will find that you have to literally walk in the sea.




Pisina beach is surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise waters that are actually transparent. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Greece but also in Europe. And of course her name is not just coincidental. To reach the Pisina beach, you must take a boat and cross to the uninhabited island of Sivota.



Mega Ammos

Mega Ammos beach is a beautiful beach with pebbles and cool blue-green waters. It is picturesque and organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as with refreshments and fish taverns. You will find it going to Sivota from the village of Perdika, after the beach Mikri Ammos. It is full of life from the beginning of the season until the end.



Mikri Ammos

Mikri Ammos beach is a small, picturesque and cool beach. It is special and organized, as it has a bar and food. Its waters are crystal clear while the sandy beach consists of fine and thick pebbles. You can also find sun loungers, parasols and ample parking.

Things to do

Along with your stay at Christies Luxury Suites you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most remarkable sights of the area of Sivota and Epirus and to make short excursions to nearby destinations.

  • A visit to cosmopolitan Parga

    One of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan places of northwestern Greece, the beautiful Parga invites you to get to know its long history, its various natural beauties and the hospitality of its inhabitants. It is built on the outskirts of the Venetian castle and is clearly influenced by Ionian architecture.

  • Activities in Acheron Springs

    The visit to the Acheron river, a point of incomparable natural beauty and protected area Natura 2000, is considered necessary for every visitor of Thesprotia. Crossing the gorge through the coolness offered by the icy, crystal clear waters of the river, under the shade of centuries-old plane trees, is a unique experience of contact with nature. The area is of strong historical-mythological interest, but also offers activities such as rafting, kayaking, horse riding, etc.

  • Excursions to the surrounding islands

    The islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, but also the nearby well-known cosmopolitan destinations of Corfu and Lefkada.

  • A visit to Nekromanteio & Zalongo

    Nekromanteio, one of the most important oracles of antiquity and Zalongo, with the huge monument of Souliotissa women that represents their dance and reminds of the important historical sacrifice.

  • A visit to Nikopolis

    A few kilometers outside Preveza, is the largest ancient city in Greece. The visitor can browse among impressive mosaic finds and see up close the Roman walls, the Roman theater, the impressive conservatory, the nymphaeum, the Roman baths of Ancient Nikopolis, Roman houses, as well as the place where the famous Monument of the victory of Augustus in the naval battle of Aktio was placed.

  • A visit to the city of Ioannina

    The city of Ioannina, capital of Epirus, with the picturesque inhabited island in the middle of Lake Pamvotida, the Castle and the cave of Perama. Be sure to see the museum of Greek History with wax figures of Pavlos Vrellis, at a distance of 12 kilometers from the city center of Ioannina.